About Us

Piscor is an International Fishing Ecommerce, with thousands of products of the best brands in the world. Piscor offers a digital platform, created with the aim of helping the angler in choosing the equipment which best fits his needs.

So this ecommerce is supported by a magazine and by a community of anglers, with the aim of enabling all users to share their own experiences generating a dynamic environment, in which is easy to understand what is the best equipment for their needs and how to use it in the best way.

Ecommerce with a wide range of International Brands

Piscor is an Ecommerce in continuous expansion, which offers the products of the best brands in the world, at the minimum price allowed by suppliers. This allows you to order the fishing equipment that you won’t find easily in traditional shops, generally stocked with few brands and with a limited selection of products.

Moreover, on a lot of brands, Piscor’s prices are really attractive, because they are the minimum ones, and allow you to save money and to purchase more items.

If you Sign up on Piscor, you’ll also periodically receive outstanding offers with exclusive discounts.

Moreover you can also access to Exclusive Flash Sales of highly discounted material.


On Piscor you can find also a Magazine with technical articles which enables you to be kept always up to date on the latest news of the market and to deepen knowledge of your favourite fishing techniques.

If you love to write, you can join our editorial team, by writing to us through the Contact Form.


Piscor offers a Community of anglers like you, always ready to help you choose the equipment for your needs.

Join Piscor’s Community is easy and profitable. In fact you have to activate your Public Profile by your MyPiscor reserved area and you can start to review ecommerce products and to comment on magazine’s articles.

Comments and reviews are so much important that they are rewarded with Shopping Points that you can use for your purchases.

Spiritual Motivation

Piscor has been created by Fishermen and Nature lovers, with a precise spiritual motivation: offering the best products for the most sacred and ancient passion of the world: the fishing.

Fishing represents, for the Piscor team, a form of deep meditation, because it allows to keep the mind devoid of every thought, involving the man in the wonders of the Nature.

In this historical period in which every human being lives with frenetic rhythms, we don’t know a better anti-stress than fishing. On the banks of a river, of a lake or of the sea, immersed in endless silences and breath-taking colours, it is possible to forget the worries and to find serenity which every life deserves to be fully lived.

Piscor is simply the means for Happiness. Piscor gives Emotions!