Each Piscor product has its own estimated delivery date.

We’ve a very complex logistic system, considering all international brands with which we deal with, so our logistic hubs are located in different European countries.

For this reasons it may happen that some products have a not immediate dispatch date, depending on the Country in which we have to deliver.


The orders are delivered in several countries and by different couriers according to weight and dimensions of the parcel.

Shipping times and costs are indicated in the cart before the order confirmation.

Customer Service and Assortment

Given the complexity of our logistic system, probably we aren’t the European fishing ecommerce with the quickest delivery. But we solve this problem offering a wide range of international brands, a thing that only few other specialized in this area do.

Furthermore we ensure a direct communication with our Customer Service at any time, to solve any problem as fast as possible.

Communications about orders

It may happen that some products arrive damaged in our logistic hub by our supplier at the moment of the order shipment.

Or it may happen that some products, indicated as available on the website at the moment of the order, for some logistical issues are not present when we have to make the shipment.

Lastly, sometimes it may happens that some orders accumulate some delay compared with the date initially planned.

In each of these three cases, our Customer Service will contact you immediately to notify and to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is everything for us. We strongly believe in human relationships and we choose scrupulously our Customer Service staff so that they can help our customers to solve each question as soon as possible.

You can feel relaxed whit us. From the moment you’re making an order, and  also after, you’ll find humble and polite persons willing to solve any question.