Browning Hyper Carp HC 20

Code: 10404950 - Brand: Browning
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Hypercarp HC20-950 - Hypercarp poles are extreme poles for extreme situations! All poles in the Hypercarp range are specialist poles specifically designed for catching the largest carp on the strongest tackle.These pole take over where normal “power poles” are found to be too weak.They are constructed using high quality carbon – essential to keep the pole stiff – however the section walls and joint areas have been significantly thickened and strengthened to eliminate weakspots.The Hypercarps are slightly heavier than conventional poles, but are well balanced to easily useable at full length. Whatever size of fish – a Hypercarp will not let you down!The HC20-950 is the entry point of the Hypercarp range and is perfect for anglers who do not need a longer pole.Has all the same features found on the more expensive HC40 and 60 models and is absolutely devastating when used for short range “hit and hold” when fishing close to snags.HC20-950 Key features A pole specifically designed to catch the largest carp on the strongest tackle The pole “ready to fish” with no cutting back needed, extensions available to 13m Increased wall strength and joint thickness on all sections to eliminate potential stress points Supplied with large bore, pre-bushed, Single Length Kits which accept the heaviest elastics. Adapter section available which allows Browning Xitan and HCC topkits to be used Elastic rating unlimited …. Fish size unlimited!
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  • Browning Hyper Carp HC 20 - Pole - 9.50 m Temporarily not available
    • Pole - 9.50 m
    • 340,48 €
    • 9.50 m
    • 811 g
    • 1.85 m
    • 6
    • 6
  • Browning Hyper Carp HC 20 - Set - 9.50 m Temporarily not available
    • Set - 9.50 m
    • 484,27 €
    • 9.50 m
    • 811 g
    • 1.85 m
    • 6
    • 6

Browning Hyper Carp HC 20 - Pole - 9.50 m