CC Moore Northern Specials NS1 Wafters Yellow

Code: 90565 - Brand: CC Moore
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Following on from the incredible results achieved by anglers using Gareth Fareham’s exclusive range of pop ups we have released these innovative new balanced 10 x 14mm dumbells. Developed with Gareth and tested through one of the toughest winters on record these fantastic wafting hookbaits make the perfect option for those anglers looking to trick the bigger fish in their venue. Combining all the powerful flavours and palatants from Gareth’s legendary range of hookbaits these brightly coloured dumbbells will waft around on the bottom, balanced under the weight of the hook/rig. This enables the hookbait to react more naturally in the presence of feeding fish and allows it to easily fly up into the fish mouth when feeding – job done! As with all NS1 baits in the Northern Specials Range, these powerful citric fruit-flavoured pop ups are incredibly effective at producing a bit when used on top of food baits or when fished alone as a single hookbait. This has quickly made them the No1 choice of many of the UK’s top carp anglers. Need we say more? Northern Specials are supplied with a sachet of Gareth’s awesome booster liquid. Important notice about buoyancy: Soaking NS1s in liquids or excessively or repeatedly adding liquids to them will reduce their buoyancy. We strongly advise that baits are given a light coating and are fully dried before use. This can be repeated to increase their attraction, but the more times this is repeated, the more their buoyancy is likely to be reduced. It is essential to fully dry them before use if the original level of buoyancy is required.
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  • CC Moore Northern Specials NS1 Wafters Yellow - 10 x 14 mm Temporarily not available
    • 10 x 14 mm
    • 8,11 €

CC Moore Northern Specials NS1 Wafters Yellow - 10 x 14 mm