Korda Dark Matter Braid

Code: KDMB20 - Brand: Korda
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A new hook link material, which is subtly, but crucially different from the rest of our range. Dark Matter braid is extremely supple and heavy, an attribute that it owes to its super-strong and dense braided filaments. The team has selected a dark, banded-camou finish to help it blend in with most lake bed types. Because Dark Matter is a heavier braid than normal, it’s also slightly thicker, with a lovely round profile, which means that it’s much kinder to the fish than some cheese-wire braids already on the market.We reckon that Dark Matter is perfectly suited to presenting light hook baits over particles, in solid-bags or in any situation when you need a supple hook link to follow the contours of the lakebed, without the need for any extra clutter. The new braid is available in three different breaking strains: 15lb, 20lb and 30lb.
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  • Korda Dark Matter Braid - 20 lb Temporarily not available
    • 20 lb
    • 16,09 €
    • 20 m
    • 20 lb
  • Korda Dark Matter Braid - 30 lb Temporarily not available
    • 30 lb
    • 16,09 €
    • 20 m
    • 30 lb

Korda Dark Matter Braid - 20 lb