Korda Kable Leadcore

Code: KA7WG - Brand: Korda
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You might wonder why it took us so long to produce a leadcore. Well, you won’t be surprised to learn that it took this long because the development team wanted Kable to exceed expectations. The subtle bands of colour that break up the outline of the leader and allow Kable to melt into the background have been chosen to replicate the most common types of lake bed colour that we fish over. As with Dark Matter, there are two Kable colour combinations available, this time Weed/Silt and Gravel.If, like all at Korda, you believe that you’ll get more bites by making sure that the fish can’t see your end tackle, then you’ll love this little family of products!
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  • Korda Kable Leadcore - Weed - Silt - 7 m Temporarily not available
    • Weed - Silt - 7 m
    • 7,41 €
    • 7 m
  • Korda Kable Leadcore - Gravel - 7 m Temporarily not available
    • Gravel - 7 m
    • 7,41 €
    • 7 m

Korda Kable Leadcore - Weed - Silt - 7 m