Korda Slow Sinking Maize

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Our Slow Sinking Maize has been designed to waft down ever so slowly, making it the perfect hook bait to use over light particles , stick mix or groundbait. It’s actually useful for use as a single hook bait too because of the unique way that it has been made. Rather than simply soaking the finished pieces of maize in flavour, we’ve had the flavour mixed in at the moulding stage, so the lovely lingering smell will last ages!There are four flavour combinations available, IB, Banoffee, Citrus Zing and Fruity Squid. These are classic blends of flavours that the Korda team has been using for decades in some cases! Each variant is a different colour, so you’re sure to find one that suits your angling in the range.You get 10 pieces of corn per pack and free matching hair stops too!
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  • Korda Slow Sinking Maize - Fruity Squid - Pink Temporarily not available
    • Fruity Squid - Pink
    • 3,16 €
  • Korda Slow Sinking Maize - Banoffee - White Temporarily not available
    • Banoffee - White
    • 3,16 €
  • Korda Slow Sinking Maize - IB - Yellow Temporarily not available
    • IB - Yellow
    • 3,16 €

Korda Slow Sinking Maize - Fruity Squid - Pink