Korda Tournament Casting Swivel

Code: TCS3 - Brand: Korda
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This lead was originally called the Distance Casting and was superseded several years ago when long-distance caster, Alan Partridge, convinced Dan that his distance shape cast further, which it did. Dan actually outcast his own lead with his shape!So, the old 'Zipp' style lead fell out of our range for several years until Dan spent more and more time fishing with Frank Warwick. He loved the old pointed shape and asked if we could make him some, which we did. The phone went red hot after that with enquiries about the shape. Frank had obviously told a few mates about the leads and the word quickly spread on the grapevine. The leads went back into the range the following year.In the meantime we sponsored the British Angling Championships casting competition. Whilst visiting the event Dan got talking to some of the UK's top Tournament Casters concerning lead shape. They all insisted that their Zipp-type shape went the furthest. Dan compared it to ours and it was slightly more nose-heavy than our longer more slender shape. This made sense because their leads certainly seemed more stable in the air. After seeing this we set about redesigned the shape very slightly using the Tournament casters leads as a guide. The 4.5oz and 5oz came first at the request of Frank. He loved them when he saw them and over time we have updated the entire range from 1.5oz right up to 5oz to match the tournament casters designs. The name was obvious; we had to differentiate from the dumpier Distance Casting.As the name suggests this is the lead to have on when you have to go for maximum distance. Whether that is with a 2oz or a 5oz you will cast this lead further than any other. Couple this lead with the Korda Lead Clip system, the new Korda Run Rig system, or a helicopter rig for maximum distance.RETAIL REF: TCS15 - 1.5oz / 43gTCS2 - 2oz / 56gTCS25 - 2.5oz / 70gTCS3 - 3oz / 84gTCS35 - 3.5oz / 100gTCS4 - 4oz / 112gTCS45 - 4.5oz / 125gTCS5
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  • Korda Tournament Casting Swivel - 3 oz - 84 gr Temporarily not available
    • 3 oz - 84 gr
    • 1,66 €
  • Korda Tournament Casting Swivel - 3.5 oz - 100 gr Temporarily not available
    • 3.5 oz - 100 gr
    • 1,69 €
  • Korda Tournament Casting Swivel - 4 oz - 112 gr Temporarily not available
    • 4 oz - 112 gr
    • 1,77 €
  • Korda Tournament Casting Swivel - 4.5 oz - 125 gr Temporarily not available
    • 4.5 oz - 125 gr
    • 1,92 €

Korda Tournament Casting Swivel - 3 oz - 84 gr