Radical Rod Pod Gigantica

Code: 8402025 - Brand: Radical
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The name says it all: We have forged our masterpiece.With the flagship from the Radical house, the angler is armed for every situation.The Gigantica pod has been developed for professionals who fish the largest reservoirs in southern Europe and North Africa.However, the pod also shows its prowess on the major rivers of continental Europe, such as the Rhine, the Ebro, the Po and the Rhone.When it comes to using a reliable high pod, the two-metre Gigantica is the optimum choice.Our team and test anglers, such as Stefan Seuß, Benjamin Gründer and Robin Illner tested the pod for over two years on the water and tried everything they could to take it beyond breaking point.They failed! The pod is a machine, standing up to any conditions.Material: Aluminium.Accessories: Rod Pod Bag, extra-long pair of legs. Lenght: 82 -160 cm Height: 48 - 85 cm Weight: 3.70 kg
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  • Radical Rod Pod Gigantica - 82-160 cm - 48-85 cm Temporarily not available
    • 82-160 cm - 48-85 cm
    • 420,57 €
    • 82-160 cm
    • 3.70 kg

Radical Rod Pod Gigantica - 82-160 cm - 48-85 cm