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Piscor. Online Fishing Shop, Magazine and Community

Piscor is a project designed to arouse emotions. Deep emotions, known only to those who live Nature through one of the most ancient practices of man: Fishing.

How would you describe the amazement caused by the sea at sunset, a lake at dawn or a river in autumn?

Would you find the right words for it? It is not easy, is it? Emotions are better to live them than to tell!

That's why Piscor was made for . To allow any fisherman in the world amusing his spirit in a place full of adventures and colours. Piscor was created on a summer night, on a balcony overlooking the sea. Regardless of thunders, lightnings and an endless rain, three friends found themselves talking about their life and the mess they experienced to live, trying to cope with their job, family and their social commitments..

Speaking for hours, they agreed that there was something appealing  them able to change their attitude that was fishing.

Yes, those moments apparently endless looking at  Nature,  cleared their minds of all thoughts and worries.

Starting from that, they had an  idea. Why not being the  creators of  a project able to spread emotions to any human being, putting them away from their daily stress?

So, after months of deep thought, Piscor was born.

The term Piscor is the Latin translation of the verb "to fish" and in itself contains the essentiality of the purpose it represents: to arouse emotions.

Piscor Digital Platform is made of three components :

  • Fishing Shop with the products of World Best Brands, which represent the real means to live pure emotions;
  • Magazine to live breathtaking adventures, to deepen your     technique and be updated on the world news;
  • Community to share your experience with thousands of fishermen placed in different zones.

Discover on our website how Piscor may help you living new and deeper emotions, getting rid of stress and worries.

Enjoy your life!